Serving the community for over 150 years!!!


Pictured left to right; Front Row: Dennis Herridge, Jenny Hardin, Rich Weers Middle Row: Marge Watkins, Heather Reuter, Kim Thompson, Eva Cunningham Back Row: Kim Boswell, Serina Stickel, Cindy Hall, Kirk Anderson, Erin Olson, Norm Nelson, Deb Rickey, Myranda Weide. 

Meet Our Team

Norman Nelson – Chairman 

Richard Weers-  Chief Executive Officer

Kirk Anderson – Executive Vice-President

Jenny Hardin – Vice-President Cashier

Serina Stickel- Assistant Vice-President/Assistant Cashier

Eva Cunningham- Loan Officer

Erin Olson – Receptionist

Ashley Allen- Receptionist

Deb Rickey – Bookkeeper/Teller

Marge Watkins – Bookkeeper/Teller

Heather Reuter - Bookkeeper/Teller

Ashley McMahan - Bookkeeper/Teller

Kayelynn Brown- Teller

Alex Billups - Teller

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