Here at the First National Bank of Lacon our Loan Officers are dedicated to helping you get what you need. Whether it be purchasing your first home, or even starting a small business our doors are always open to new customers. Please stop by today and let us see what we can do for you.

Automobile, Boat, Aircraft, and Personal Loans

Our auto loan rates are competitive with other area local banks. What makes us different is our customer service. We will get you in your vehicle with less headache than our competition. It is very common for someone to walk into our bank wanting an auto loan and walk out with a check in 10 minutes.

Residential Real Estate Loans

No matter what the local real estate market is doing, you can depend on the First National Bank of Lacon to help get you in the home you’ve always wanted. Customer service is our number one priority in real estate transactions. You can forget the big packets of financial statements and hours wasted sitting in a cubicle begging for a loan.

First National Bank of Lacon MLO # 408241

Commercial Loans

Big or small business, we want to hear your ideas. We have experienced officers who can make your dreams become a reality. Commercial products include equipment, land, building, and line of credit loans focused on helping our customers create and manage their businesses.

Agricultural Loans

First National Bank of Lacon gives credit to its continuous growth and success to Central Illinois’ dedicated farmers who are the heart of our area’s economy. We have always considered ourselves to be an agriculturally oriented bank. Farmers are invited to come in and test our commitment to keep local farming a continued part of our community.

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Protect Yourself From Identity Theft

  • Don’t give personal information or passwords
  • Carefully examine statements
  • Shred personal documents and paperwork
  • Collect your mail as soon as possible

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